Cliff Greenwood & the Monsters S/T

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1 El Monstruo
2 Moron From Boron
3 In The Deep End
4 45's
5 I Hate Networking
6 Face Of Guitars
7 Arbuckle!
8 Rock N Roll Death Age
9 El Interludio
10 Floodgates
11 Hungry Horses Mc
12 Tempest Dropping Fire
13 Gray Bay
14 Garden Isle
15 El Exito
With a new label and a new live band, The Monsters (featuring Matt McKenzie of The Action Design and Tsunami Bomb), Cliff Greenwood is back with another batch of acoustic country-punk tracks. Although this self titled album is in the same Johnny Clash vein as 2006's Musical Heritage, the rock n roll is emphasized more than ever with the help of The Sore Thumbs' Miles Peck's screaming guitar licks. In between the rock, Greenwood is still able to show his acoustic prowess with songs like Arbuckle (about his dog), where it's just Cliff and his guitar. All in all, Cliff Greenwood & the Monsters is a mixture of rockabilly, punk, outlaw country, spaghetti western, folk, rock n roll, and just plain good ol' times.
MUTINY MAGAZINE: "Acoustic rock'a'billy punk with a touch of country from California. Cliff Greenwood's new record is cool. I really like Cliff's voice and along with acoustic guitar. The fact that this is an acoustic project does not mean that there's no energy. All the tunes have a really punky approach to them and the songs are pretty fast. Miles from the Sore Thumbs are playing the lead guitar and this record which is really cool. If I had to name a favorite song I'd say "45's" in which Cliff expresses his love for the good old 7" record. I really like the drums on that track and it has a really catchy chorus. Great stuff!" - Christer Davidsson,