Personality Disorder V/A A Collection of Arizona Punk Rock

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Personality Disorder is AZPunk's first vinyl 12" record featuring 14 tracks of some killer and diverse local punk rock. Instead of sending out the usual comp S.O.S., and calling out for people to submit songs, we joined forces with Nate from May Cause Dizziness Records, and D.J. Johnny Volume, and personally selected some of our favorite bands. The end result is a mixture of street, hardcore, pop, garage, lo-fi and post-punk rock music that portrays a great sample of the awesome diverse tastes of punk rock that Arizona has to offer in 2010. We're real proud of this new comp, and stoked that we got to work with our friends Nate & J.V.
A-1 The Impossible Ones - One More Drink
A-2 Japanese Monsters - Sea Monster Song
A-3 Casket Life - And Now...A Public Service Announcement
A-4 Streetside Prophet - Hours
A-5 Hotdog! - Wayne's World Three
A-6 The Father Figures - No Guarantees
A-7 Automatic Erasers - All Mine
B-1 Good Men Die Like Dogs - Spilling On The Floor
B-2 Lenguas Largas - Lost Twin; Found Twin
B-3 Cagematch - Like Fangs
B-4 The Plainfield Butchers - If You Want It For Free
B-5 Said Gun - Stone Shitting Dogs
B-6 BroLoaF - Bro, Don't Call Me Bro!
B-7 locked track Jason DeVore - Crooked Path
This is on blue wax and limited to 250 copies.