Shanghai Wires "Upsetter Democracy" LP White Wax

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Shanghai Wires formed in 2007 and feature ex and current members of London punk bands Low Score City, Disco Lepers, Blacklist Brigade, Capitol Targets, Black Beach Union, The Jabbs and The Botox Rats.

Shanghai Wires is made up of: Vinny-Jack Rodrigues on vocals, D.G.1882 and Kano Starr on guitars, Chrissy Strokes on drums and Johnny Jabb on bass.

Vinny-Jack and Johnny also co-founded and co-run raw London punk label / zine / mailorder No Front Teeth (www.nofrontteeth/net) that has been running since 2001.

Summer 2007 sees the release of their debut full-length ‘Upsetter Democracy’ through May Cause Dizziness Records ( The record features 11 cuts that take direct influence from the classic English 1977 style and further inspiration from the American take on this traditional English sound with the result being a kind of English Beach Punk sound (not fucking Blackpool beach).

‘Upsetter Democracy’ is a paranoid and apprehensive commentary of social scepticism and distrust and was written and recorded in London between Summer 2007 and Spring 2008.

Fans of The Stitches, listen up! Did you spend the mid- to late-‘90s as I did, scarfing up every 7” release from Witmer/Lohrman and company like it was gold? And, have you been in Stitches withdrawal ever since they went inactive, at least on vinyl? Then Shanghai Wires may well be the band for you. They may be from England, but they have clearly soaked up the vintage Southern California punk rock vinyl so much that it courses through their veins as much as any of their native country’s fine bands do. If I have any criticisms about this at all, it would be that I wish the mix had a little more bottom end to it. Other than that, I’ve played this many times through and it more than holds its own.