The Impossible Ones LP and CD

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The Impossible Ones LP on Yellow/Purple Wax!!!!
Tracks are 1. vs. the World 2. Stranger in Black 3. La Ragazza Del Lago Degli Zombi 4. Bats in the Belfry 5. I'm A Sickie side B 1. Impossible Radio 2. Ronnie Blotchy 3. Yeah! Come On! Alright 4. What Ever Happened To Milo 5. A.G.U. 6. vs. the World Part 2

When I first took a look at this album I thought it was another one of those boring psycho records. The cover's got that whole feeling about it. But, luckily I was wrong. The albums' intro sounds like something out of the old Clint flick "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" but then it takes off. The Impossible Ones play fast, snotty punk rock and the band's singer, Neil Impossible, has got a very charismatic voice. I think of "Maximum Rock'N'Roll" by NOFX at times 'cuz The Impossible Ones has that same playful feeling. The catchy "Unlucky Me" is my favorite on the album. I'm glad I gave this one a serious chance 'cause it's a really good album. /Christer Davidsson, MUTINYZINE.COM