The Prostitutes "Kill Them Before They Eat" CD

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The Prostitutes are back with their second (third if you count the unreleased "3 Minute Heroes" from 2002) full length album. They are older, raunchier, and angrier at the world. The CD version of this album contains 6 bonus tracks from an E.P. that really sounds like a separate entity from both LPs. It's less thick with sludge than the new LP and yet more experimental than the old one. "Kill Them" takes the snotty; rage filled classic sound of The Prostitutes and infuses the post-punk experimentation of Wire and Suicide into it making for an interesting sound. The album is still hard hitting on a conscious level but carries with it an air of subversion. The songs make several mentions of being "fucked up" and it really makes you feel it. The music and lyrics unite to make you feel as if you're coming down, dirt under your fingernails, stomach clogged with nausea, pounding headache and you realize this hangover is better than the high. You just want to listen to this album and bask in the sleaze.
1 The New Cure
2 Fashion Bitch
3 Lolita
4 I Wanna Go To Hell
5 Whatever
6 Hollywood Murder Scene
7 Electrocution
8 Living Is Boring
9 Nightmare Parasite
10 Black Eyed And Cut
11 She's Blonde
12 Hung By The Phone
13 Domestic Disturbance
14 Hit Me
15 They're All Dead
16 X-rated Heart